FRANdata has been serving the franchise sector since 1989 and commenced Australian operations in 2013. We serve prospective franchisees, franchisors, lenders and the broader franchise community.

The business intelligence to help you make the right decision.

FRANdata works with clients on their most challenging performance issues, investing significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers unique perspectives and insights. We apply our understanding of market and industry forces to develop long-term macroeconomic perspectives.


We research the key issues and numbers that you need to identify and drive high franchise performance

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We produce and provide information in a format that you can understand and trust.

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The business intelligence to help you make the right decision.

Whether you are a prospective franchisee, a franchisor or a keen observer of the franchise sector, FRANdata has a range of services and products to help.

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FRANdata provides a rigourous review on franchise systems to assess their transparency and performance resulting in star based rating an dcredit score outcomes.

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Understand franchising

FRANdata produces a range of reports and services to help make sense of what can be a crowded and confused market.


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Australian LeadershipTeam

FRANdata is led by an experienced team of finance and franchising executives to help set you on the right path.

Darryn, the CEO of FRANdata Australia, oversees the provision of independent reviews, accreditation, and information by reporting on franchise systems to assist various stakeholders with their key strategic decision making. Darryn has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance sector as a CPA and veteran bank executive across business banking, risk management, and industry specialization. In the four years prior to joining FRANdata, he ran the NAB’s franchising strategy, which included the accreditation and portfolio management of major Australian franchise brands.
Darryn McAuliffe

CEO FRANdata Australia

Peter is the General Manager – Client Solutions and oversees the growing number of franchise clients and existing service, whilst developing new initiatives to assist in the success and growth of the Australian franchise market. Peter has held several senior executive roles with the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), including Business Development Manager, Executive Manager and Acting CEO. Peter has expertise and experience across a broad spectrum of professional services in the small to medium business and the non-for-profit sectors.
Peter White

General Manager – Client Solutions

Alka is the Franchise Research Manager and oversees the growing number of research projects being commissioned by FRANdata's Australian and international client base. Alka was a key contributor to the research outpt of FRANdata's Arlington, VA research team in the US. Alka is an experienced researcher and project manager, specialising in strategic and financial consulting. Alka has led several projects including market entry advisory, mergers and acquisitions support, operational best practices, and market due diligence.
Alka Sinha

Franchise Research Manager

Malcolm is the Principal Consultant at FRANdata Australia and is an experienced CEO/Managing Director with a breadth of industry experience that spans Franchising, retail, IT & Telecommunications, manufacturing, product rental and distribution cross Franchised, direct and indirect sales networks.
Malcolm Flanagan

Principal Consultant

Our Services

FRANdata provides a range of services that have been developed in response to demand from our clients.

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